DiscGoBall, was created by a team of family members who value spending quality time with loved ones and the community. We wanted to develop a game that combined our values with fun, exercise, friendly competition, and socializing. We hope that you enjoy playing it as much as we do!


    • "I love DiscGoBall. Such a fun and creative game. If you haven't played it, do yourself a favor and go pick it up ASAP. It's fun on the go for all ages. I love playing it with all of my kids. Even the little one who is only 3 loves playing it with me. You can play it anywhere and it is unlike any other game you have played." Trevor

    • "Being an Idaho State Frisbee Champion (years ago), I was very interested in this new game. After several rounds I am unbeaten. That won't last long because the game is very contagious. I highly recommend it." Philip

    • "I love DiscGoBall, what a great time for the whole family. We love playing it at the park and in our backyard. My kids love it too!" Lajo

    • "I love playing DiscGoBall! It gives me a reason to go to my local park to get fresh air, sunshine and exercise!" Doug

    • "We have a large family and this is the perfect game for summer bbq's and family reunions! Everyone loves to play!" Tracee

    • "I love playing with frisbees and balls and all the different ways to score makes it exciting!" Chase